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Farm saga is a simple game suitable for all phones and tablets.

How to Play Farm Saga?

The game has been designed with stunning,  beautiful images and funny characters with entirely new and attractive challenges. You have to explore and overcome adventure and exciting journeys in Farm Saga game.

You helps Mg Lone who is a farmer by harvesting fresh fruits before the insects attack. You will collect fruit to the baskets however, the number of basket in the warehouse is limited and a basket only keeps 6 fruits. So, you need find new baskets to complete the tasks. 

You have a free spin everyday to get bonus coins or boosts everyday. Feel free to buy any extra spins if you belive you're an lucky guy and you could win big prizes in there.

During harvestint time, you have to overcome many adventure challenges such as, crazy vines, poisonous spiders, the tornado or insects. The vines grow irregularly with bizarre shapes which will prevent from harvesting, so the task is destroying the vines and getting hidden fruits in vines. Other sides, the poisonous spiders also destroy crops by spinneret into fruits and make them frozen. You need to remove spider web by picking fruits nearby. The tornado will make me difficult in harvesting fruits because fruits will be changed direction, so you need to consider and determine exactly and carefully the way of tornado. Another challenge is catching the worms or insects as soon as, if not the insects will eat all fruits and you will lose. 

Save the bees, ants in the game will help you overcome the difficulty levels list of fruits you need to collect each level takes on a more difficult


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